Project Name: Peace Ambassadors 

Brief Description:  Helping Hand initiated and led the Peace Ambassadors project to develop leadership and life skills of youth lives in conflict-affected regions of Georgia and Tbilisi to act as peace ambassadors to monitor their rights and and support conflict management efforts. Peace ambassadors will disseminate information and raise awareness of human’s rights issues among their peers. Within the project  we implemented educational programs for youth living in conflict zone and Tbilisi to develop relationship and promoting networking. 


The Peace Ambassadors project trained 60 youth in human’s rights, conflict management, and personal development, leadership and improved their skills to serve as peace ambassadors in their communities.

After the training, youth participants started their own peace clubs, planning and initiating projects based on the skills gained during the workshop to make their lives better and help other people in their region

Donor Organization: World Bank 

2010-2011 year